Loop Radio is an Independent Music Radio Station built and maintained by independent artists. Our passion for music is expressed in the variety of genres our presenters play here on Loop Radio. They are committed to unearthing hidden talent and bringing it to you every day on their live shows. Our aim is to make Loop Radio your number one choice for high quality online music and entertainment everyday.

Here is a sample of some of the amazing things people have said about us. You can read more on our Testimonials Page HERE

"If you trawl the net as an internet muso you will find a plethora of ‘opportunities’, most want your dough or others want your music free.. ‘dear muso, you are missing plays on internet radio’ ..big deal..nothing for nothings sake…a lot of sharks out there as ever..don’t pay to play, don’t bother to even send a track… However. some people come from the heart, and if you’ve been online long enough you will sense this.

I didn’t get to know Loop Radio via some ‘upload your hard earned music into a non remunerative infinity’…no indeed…I just got pally with Sam Jones their ace DJ…..I dug his comments and jokes on FB and bye and bye we became mates. I have since got to know Kenny Darkreine, the guy who started Loop, and a handful of other DJs on the station..and you know what?…they are f******g genuine… These are vibrant, interested and interesting people and will try ANYTHING.

I’m not an anti establishment kinda guy…have had major deals with many big companies (Arista, WEA, Dick James)..but I always signed to people like Loop….fundamentally, the good guys.

Sal Paradise

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